Disco double

When you are looking to try something new and exciting in your online slots you should definitely consider the disco double feature. This is a great game that will encourage people to get creative when playing it and you can guarantee that it is going to get people talking as soon as they try it out. This is because of the simple design of the item which is in the shape of a palm with two smaller symbols on each side of the slot machine. In fact it is this unique look that makes people feel so intrigued about playing it.

Once you start playing with it you will quickly see just what a difference it can make to the slots that you already have. This colourful add-on to your slots can really bring some excitement back into the mix and you can be sure that it is going to be popular with everyone who tries it. There are three different symbols which can be used for playing this special game, which means that it is possible to have a good selection depending on the type of casino that you are at. You can either use the normal black dots which represent the spin number or you can also use the classic pink dots which represent the bonus reel icons.

Some casinos will even add additional icons to the mix, which can include the number of coins that are currently on the reels or can even include a cloud symbol. Regardless of which of these you use it is important to remember that all of them add excitement to the game and you should try to use all of them whenever possible. If you are not sure as to what icons you should use then you can always consult the instructions that are supplied with your particular slot machine. When you are paying out credits in the casino, you are also able to choose between the regular black and pink dots which can help to determine the types of spins that are available for you to receive. The disco double feature is certainly something worth checking out and if you are looking to land some big money at the casino then it is worth taking a look at this particular option.

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